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Top National Parks of India

Our country India is famous for its tourism and wildlife. There are many national parks in India where you can enjoy undomesticated wild life amongst natural scenery. In this article, we have listed the top national parks in India. Read the article for details

Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

It is very popular for tigers and also many more spices. The establishment took place in the year 1936 for protection of Bengal tigers. The park is named after the name of British officer called Jim Corbett.

Kaziranga National Park

It is located at Assam and is famous for one horned Rhinoceros. The park is also known as a tiger reserve. Elephants, water buffaloes, and other animals are found here

Ranthambore National Park

It is one of the best 10 national parks in India. This park is very adventurous with various forts and lakes. The parks is popular for its majestic tigers

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is located at Gujarat with huge variety of species and excellent flora and fauna.  Various NGOs and forest department of Govt. take care of this park. The establishment of this park took place in the year 1965

Kanha National Park

The establishment of this park took place in the year 1955. Different types of trees, flora species, rare and extinct species are found here. It is one of the best tourist attractions of Madhya Pradesh

Sundarbans National Park

It is one of the premier national parks located in the extremes of West Bengal. Sundarbans is mainly famous for Royal Bengal tigers. Apart from tigers, many endangered species are found here

Mudumalai National Park

It is located in Karnataka and covers an area of 321 square kilometers. The parks has waterways, valleys, hills, swamps, forests, and many more to explore. Elephant,Gaur, Tigers, , Leopards, Common Langur Panther,  Jackal, Chital Wild Boar and Sloth Bear are found here

Periyar National Park

It is a wild life sanctuary located at Western Ghats and popular for tourism. There are jeep safaris for tourists and also people can enjoy boat rides there.

Conclusion: These are some of the top national parks of India. If you are a wild life and nature lover, these places are the best for you.

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