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Top 10 places visit in India, December:

December is the end of the year. Everybody wants to go for a trip with family or friend etc. India celebrates so many festivals in a whole year. If you are in India, you are damn lucky. Some great people said that if you visit India, you visit whole world.

December having the so much celebration dates like Christmas, New Year. More or less people visit Goa in the December.


One of the best tourist destinations in India to visit in December. Goa celebrates all the functions Christmas, new year party etc. If you never visit Goa you should visit once.


 Alappuzha is the most beautiful places in kerala. Alappuzha is really bless of nature. If a person don’t like crowd and likes to enjoy the beautiful scenario of nature than you must visit the place Alappuzha. It is also called the backwater of the river. You can stay here in houseboats. In the month of December Alappuzha celebrates a festival of 10 days, is called Mullackal Chirap.


Tajmahal is another most visited place in India. It is one of the seven wonders in India. Agra has so many places to visit these are Fatehpur Sikri, Moti Masjid etc.


 It is situated in Rajasthan. The desert in Jaisalmer is called as the golden desert and offers a best travel experience by visiting the several majestic forts are present in Rajasthan. December is the perfect place to visit Rajasthan. Winter adds a charm to the nature.

Uttarakhand (Auli):

Auli, Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand leaps on the Himalaya. Uttarakhand has a several destination point with such wonderful nature. Auli is another place to visit in Uttarakhand. It is situated on the way of Badrinath.  Every year in the winter sport festival held there and people comes from the different corner of the world.


Another most beautiful costal destination in India. December is the month when weather  becomes cool and dry. So, that visitors can see the pristine archipelago lagoons, immaculate beaches etc. The visitors can do scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, and canoeing etc. they can also visit the local house, museum, lighthouse so many things.


Sun Temple, Odisha

Odisha is known as the cultural rich land of India. December is the exact time of visiting Odisha. When you visit Konark, you will be the witness of soulful Odissi dance. It’s a popular dance festival held in the month of December. Another famous temple is situated in the Konark that is Sun Temple. Sun Temple is now listed in the World Heritage Site.


Gujarat having the best visiting place that is Great Rann of Kutch. Behind the reason of visiting the place Great Rann of Kutch is white desert becomes dry in winter, famous Rann Utsav help there in December, New Year also celebrates here with a big celebration.

Thajiwas Glacier:

Thajiwas, Kashmir

 If you want to be a witness of snowfall in Kashmir in winter season than visit Thajiwas Glacier in Kashmir. Snowboarding, skiing, sledge rides are the best things to do in Thajiwas Glacier.



Shillong is most visited place in India. Dawki is another place in Shillong which is most attractive to the user. In the month of December it gives the heaven look to the user.

Conclusion:  India has so many beautiful places to visit in December. If you really love to travel above mention places you can travel and it will be a best adventure to you. December is the month to say goodbye to the existing year and welcome to the new year. Every places celebrate this season with more curiosity and waits for whole year to celebrate this. Never miss this season and makes your life bored. Enjoy and make your life charming.

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