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The popular Southeast Asian country is Thailand. Famous tropical beaches, royal palaces, ornate temples, display the Buddha’s statue. Bangkok is the capital city. It is also popular as Siam, the kingdom of Thailand. Thailand is comprises of Buddhist temple, tuk-tuks, motorbikes, monks, handicrafts, farming villages, blue lagoons, beaches, etc. There are so many places to visit to there, these are as follows:

 Pai (Thailand):

One of the quietest villages in Thailand is Pai. It is situated at the northern part of Thailand. This village is now becoming so popular and also booming. This valley has scenic beauty with a relaxed environment and a cooling atmosphere. It is a beautiful destination for tourist lovers and also for honeymoon couple.

Thailand Island (Thailand):

The coast of Thailand is famous to the all tourist. The beautiful beaches, gorgeous environments, gives this place famous for its atmosphere. We all know about Phuket. It is the largest island of the country and also connects the two main cities.

Phanom Rung (Thailand):

Phanom Rung is a best Hindu pilgrim situated in the northeastern part. Its outstanding architecture attracts more than thousands of people. This building had been built during the 10th century. This building is fully made up of sandstone and laterite, it is home to Lord Shiva.

Khao Sok National Park:

Most famous wildlife reserves is there is Khao Sok National Park. It is a home for wildlife animals these are bears, wild boars, barking, Asian elephants, various types of monkeys like gibbons, langurs and pig-tailed macaques etc.


Kanchanaburi is situated at the western part. It is a beautiful place for its national park and waterfalls. Kanchanaburi is situated at the bank of River Kwai.


Ayuthaya is situated at the Chao Phraya river is there. One of the impressive sites in Thailand is Ayuthaya. It is a major attraction point to visit. It is the most popular place with more than 400 temples. 80 km far away from Bangkok. You can reach here by train, boat, and bus.

Chiang Mai:

One of the flourishing city is Chiang Mai. It is a large and important city where historical and traditional architecture exists. Most of the famous temple is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple.


One of the cheapest countries to visit in the Asian continent. Phuket is the largest and developed island in Asia. Apart from these, there has many more places to visit.    

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