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Taj Mahal:

The seventh wonder of Earth is located in our country, India. Our country India is our pride. Taj Mahal is the main attraction point to not only the Indian visitors but also the foreigners too. Every year more than one lakh people visit this wonderful place to see the best architecture design of Indian History. Basically it is the golden crowd to our Indian history.

Construction Period:

Taj Mahal is the best design of Ivory white marble architecture. It is situated at the bank of river Yamuna, Agra Uttar Pradesh. The great Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had made this for her beautiful wife Mumtaz to express his love to her. The other name of this building is Mumtaz Mahal. Approximately 20,000 people had been worked to make this wonderful building under the guidance of court architect Ustad Ahmad Lahauri. It is also a jewel to Indian history and also the Muslim Art. It is also the best example of Indian rich history. However, it is the most beautiful place to visit


The Taj Mahal is the best example of our Indian Mughal dynasty. The great emperor of that period Samrat Shah Jahan had been made for his wife Mumtaz. But the whole construction of this wonderful Mahal had been finished after the death of his wife Mumtaz. Mumtaz had died while she was giving birth to her 14th child Gauhara Begam. Moreover, the best place in the whole country.

Architectural Design:

Taj Mahal depicts the best architectural design of Persian architecture. The special inspiration came from Timurid, Humayun’s tomb also inspired for the Charbagh garden, Shah Jahan’s own Jama Masjid had been made up of red sandstone, etc. After he decided to use the white marble stone in this building that gave the new level refinement to this building.

Exterior Decoration:

The exterior decoration of this building is the finest architectural design of the Mughal dynasty. Applying paint, stone carvings, stucco, they had been created all the elements for decoration.

Interior Decoration:

The Interior decoration of this building is just awesome. It was designed by precious and semi-precious gemstones. The inner decoration is designed as an octagonal shape. The wall of the interior is approximately 25 meters tall. It is known that the body of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz were put beneath the inner chamber towards Mecca. The pen box and the tablet are the best funerary icons had been used for decorating their chamber. So, you can visit this place.


If you visit the Taj Mahal, you will see the large square fit approximately 300 metre. There are four wide paths to explore the garden. The wonderful garden is designed according to the Persian garden style. This was introduced by the first Mughal emperor Babur. However, it is a best place.


Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful places to visit in India. It is really a pride to us. If you never visit you must pay a visit to this place and explore the beauty of our country.  

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