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Sri Lanka:

An Island country in South Asia is Sri Lanka. It is an officially democratic republic country.  It is situated at the bank of the Bay of Bengal and also the part of the Arabian Sea. If we ever notice on the Indian Map you will see that one small point is situated, this is called Sri Lanka. The best time to visit Sri Lanka is December to March. A beautiful country Sri Lanka has so many places to visit, these are as follows:

The Dambulla Cave:

The Dambulla cave is one of the most popular places to visit in Sri Lanka. It is the top place in Sri Lanka’s tourist destination. It is the largest area to visit in this country. This temple is situated on a mountain of black rock.  The main deity here worshipped as Lord Buddha.

Arugam Bay:

Arugam Bay is the best coastline in Sri Lanka. It is more than 1600 km large. One of the most popular Arugam Bay is popular for sports, speed boating, windsurfing, etc. You can enjoy here the best coconut water, southern sunshine, jasmine scent that can refresh your mind.

Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa:

One of the most wonderful places and stunning places in Sri Lanka is Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa. These are world heritage sites. The giant size rock makes this place so beautiful. If you climb up to the rock it will give a panoramic view to all tourists. You can hire a bike and can explore the beautiful city in Sri Lanka.

Temple of Tooth At Kandy:

Another most popular tourist spot in Sri Lanka is the Temple of Tooth. Kandy Architecture of this temple has been made this iconic and it is worth a place to visit.


Jaffna is a little bit crowded place. It is also listed in the best tourist spot in Sri Lanka. You can visit this place by boat also you never miss the point Nagadipa Purana Vihara.


A beautiful beach in Sri Lanka is Trincomalee. If you want to experience underwater diving, it will give you a wonderful experience. In this place, there are so many temples and beaches are there to enjoy. You can also explore the lush greenery in there.

Udawalawe National Park:

The most popular wildlife reservoir is Udawalawe National Park. In this place, you can see a glimpse of elephant, peacock, jackals, crocodile, deer and also a monkey.

Nine Arch Bridge:

Nine Arch Bridge is the most wonderful and iconic sights in Sri Lanka. It can offer a mesmerizing view to the nature lovers. This splendid view makes this bridge so beautiful.


Sri Lanka is one of the best places to visit in the Bay of Bengal. It is also best for honeymoon couples. A newly married couple can visit this place and they can spend quality time with each other.  

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