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Travel destinations in South India:

If we want to visit South India so that this portion of South India destinations has so many beautiful and amazing places have to visit once. Some of these are mentioned below:

Kerala Backwaters:
backwaters Kerala

Kerala backwater is famous to all for supply water and also popular for generating hydropower energy. You can stay in a boat for a day in the middle of the water. Visitors can enjoy a beer in the boat when you feel boar. You can also enjoy the seafood which is made by following their traditional recipe.   Read more….

Mysore South India

Mysore is one of the favorite places to people because of sandalwood popularity. Another famous part of Mysore is its silk sarees and its royal heritage. The tourist point of this place is Mysore Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, Chamundeshwari Temple, Karanji Lake, Railway museum, etc.

Coorg South India

One of the famous hill stations in South India is Coorg. The natural beauty of this place is blissful and awesome. When you visit this place gives a thrilling view of the covered mountains with the cloud.

Kumarakom South India

Another water reservoir point of Kerala. Covering with palm trees, coconut trees, and mangrove you can do boating and also can enjoy the cold and fresh air together. You can also see the coffee plantation spot, rice cultivation point, etc.

Mahabalipuram South India

Mahabalipuram is a beach town in Chennai. The famous point of this place is Five Rathas, Shore Temple, the best scene of Mahabharata “Arjuna’s Penance”, etc. It is also famous for stone sculpture industry.

Andaman South India

Andaman is the best place in South India when you are planning for a trip. Soft sea beaches Andaman has the right time to visit in the month of October. Andaman is full of beaches these are Havelock, Neil, Kalapather beach, Radhanagar beach, etc.

Gokarna South India

This place is another beach point in South India. When you visit this place you will see the exotic beach, fresh air, thrilling landscape, etc many things.

Munnar South India

Munnar is famous for a hill station with lush greenery which makes your eye blissful. The beautiful tea garden is the main attraction point of South India.


Tamilnadu has the famous hill station Coonoor. This place is also famous for tea cultivation. It is surrounded by Nilgiri hills. Dolphin’s Nose is the vantage point to visit.


This place is also situated in the Tamilnadu State. Western Ghats Mountain, tea estates, hilly areas are the main attraction point of this place.


Kollam is the famous point of Kerala. It is also known as the heart of Kerala. The best places to see here at Kollam beach, Paravur beach, Trevally Palace, etc.  

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Conclusion:  In the south India destinations trip there are so many things apart from these. Above mentioned places are so beautiful. If you never visit these you should try and make your trip successful and blissful.

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