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Best country in East Africa is Seychelles. Seychelles is the most beautiful place for honeymoon couples. One of the best places for coral reefs, numerous beaches, and natural reserves. The best animal to see there is Aldabra tortoises. If you are tired of a busy life schedule and you want a break in your life just visit in remote areas, crowd-free place, a verdant peak with azure water valleys. There are so many places to visit in Seychelles, these are listed below:

Praslin Island (Seychelles):

Praslin Island is the most popular and wonderful site to visit in Seychelles. It is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage site. Anse Lazio and the Anse Georgette are the most wonderful beaches in the world. It is situated at the bank of the Indian Ocean. Coco de mar is the best thing to explore on this beach and also you can explore the biggest coconut.

Mahe Island (Seychelles):

One of the largest Islands in Seychelles is Mahe Island. It is also a popular Island. It is a home for a total of 65 branches, verdant forests, highest mountain ranges, including flora and fauna. You will have the best experience for exploring the pink sand on this island. Mahe Island will never let you feel boar and exhausted.

Cousine Island:

The best Island for birds and animals is Cousine Island. This place is a home for brush warbler, turtle (hawksbill), a local turtledove, etc. Cousine Island is an untouched island in Seychelles. In this place, you will get a high level of privacy.

La Digue Island:

La Digue Island is best known for its stunning view. It is also known as boutique Island. This Island also offers the best transformation facility, with a good accommodation facility.

Aride Island:

One of the best places in Seychelles is Aride Island. Those who are nature lovers they will love the place very much. Aride Island is the best nature reserve in Seychelles. Several types of 18 seabirds and flowers are lived in this place.

Aldabra Island:

The largest coral atoll in the world is Aldabra Island. It is one of the best UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. This place is the home for tiger sharks, white-throated rail, Aldabra sacred ibis, giant tortoises, dimorphic egrets, Malagasy kestrel, etc.

Moyenne Island:

The best place for giant tortoises in Seychelles is Moyenne Island. It is situated on the northern coast of the Moyenne Island. It is the best nature lover point. There are more than 16000 trees like mango, palm, etc. On this Island, there is a church.

Anse Lazio:

Anse Lazio is the most wonderful sites in Seychelles. It is best for white sandstone, Takamaka trees (Shady), glittering waters, etc. You can enjoy small lagoons also.

Anse Source D’Argent:

Tourist woman in splashing wave at Felicite Island, boulders and palm trees behind, La Digue, Seychelles, Indian Ocean, Africa

A large wide beach in Seychelles is Anse Source D’Argent. Visitors can enjoy the golden sands with beautiful rock design.


Seychelles is one of the best places in the Indian Ocean. It is best for newly married honeymoon couple. If you want to go on a foreign trip you can pay a visit to this beautiful country.

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