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Places to visit in the world:

The world is full of varieties of places to visit. In this article, we will discuss so many wonderful destination points in the world which should be visited once in a life. The wonderful places in the world have been included in various cities like Paris, New York, Italy, etc so many. So, in this article we have mentioned some of those places:

Arizona (The Grand Canyon, famous places to visit):

A wonderful place to visit in Arizona is firstly the Grand Canyon. It is a natural wonder to visit. It is situated at the bank of the river Colorado river. Visitors can also visit this place via the railway station. The Grand Canyon is wide up to 18 miles. However, this is a beautiful place to visit and you can spend quality time.

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Peru (Machu Picchu, famous places to visit ):

Andes mountain of Peru is secondly the most famous visiting point. Machu Picchu of Peru is known as the holiest place to visit. In this place, several multi-stone blocks are joined without any use of mortar and cement. It is so popular for its dry stone wall design. The word Machu Picchu is a word (Quechua), the word ‘Machu’ means ancient or old and the word ‘Picchu’ means Mountain. So, the word together means that Old Mountains. However, it is the most amazing place to spend some quality time.

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Italy (Rome, places to visit):

Rome in Italy is finally a beautiful town. It is also called as a living museum. This beautiful place carries his history for thousands of years. The most beautiful place adjacent to Rome is Colosseum, the Vatican City, etc. Three days tour at Rome makes your eye mesmerizing. Moreover, it is a mindblowing site to visit.

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Kenya (Masai Mara, places to visit):

Masai Mara is a beautiful place in Kenya. It is a popular place for safari tour. When you visit this place you will see the popular big five animals these are lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo, etc. This biodiverse has a large area. To visiting this area you can also fly to Nairobi, and then you can make a tour to Masai Mara. So, it is a beautiful place.

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Hawaii (places to visit):

 Hawaii is the best island for honeymoon couples. Maui is finally the best beach in Hawaii. You can enjoy here meal at a five-star luxury hotel. You can go for a horse riding at Haleakala national park. This place has scenic natural beauty. However, you can pay a visit to this place. This place is finally a beautiful place in the whole world.

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Cambodia (Angkor Wat):

Angkor Wat is the most wonderful visited place in Cambodia. It is the world’s largest pilgrims. From history it is known that firstly this temple had been constructed for Hindu religion after that it is turned into a Buddhist temple. Moreover, this is such an amazing place.


The capital of the country of England is London. An incredible place to visit in the world. England has some iconic places to visit these are Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge and the most famous Tower of London. So, you can pay a visit to this place with your friends or family members


The city of love is finally known as France, Paris. The most Iconic Tower Eiffel Tower is the most attractive part of a tourist. It is the tallest structure i.e, man-made in the world. However, it is the best place for honeymoon couples.


In this article, we have mentioned some famous tourist places to visit across the world. But these are not the ultimate. Apart from these, there are many more beautiful places in the world. So try to visit those also along with these.   

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