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Palolem Beach:

One of the most free-spirited places in India is Goa. A beautiful beach in Goa is Palolem Beach. Palolem beach is the favorite tourist spot in India. It is also called as a shallow tourist. Goa is one of the most famous places to visit in the whole country.  Our country has the least subcontinent places to visit. The area is a sun-soaked area and also far wide area. South Goa is the most attractive place in India for tourist lovers people. This place is also compared to Thailand but it is not exactly. It is also a popular place for a party.

Palolem beach is a cool and calm place. This place is perfect for yoga and meditation also. The area is covered by coconut trees, wooden bungalows, and also restaurants. There are many shops present on the beach like cloth shops, hotels, souvenir shop, etc. If you want to walk around the beach you can do so.

This beach is covered with white sands which feel you the softness including the main street also. You can feel relax, tension-free, stress-free in this place. You can also absorb the excellent sunset view in the beach quietly.

Palolem is also treated as the cleanest beach in India and it gives a pristine view to the people. Other shoreline places in India are not as much as clean than Palolem. This place is a more relaxable place than others.

As we all know that tourism is the one and only way to develop the economic status of our country. So we have to clean all the places along with the main streets nearby area also. We have to also maintain hygiene and also have to provide the best service to our customers so that more people come to visit.

If you want to visit Palolem Beach you have to visit this place between November to April. Because after the middle of the month of April the temperature will be unbearable. For those people who want to visit at their weekend this place is best for two days visit. This place is ideal for yoga lovers also.

To explore the sunset view visit sundowner place. You can also hang out there. A cool and calm place also perfect for couples. They can spend their quality time here.

If you are in Palolem you will not miss the Dolphin-spotting. Every morning dolphins arrive on the beach. Sometimes they arrive in groups also. You can do boating also early morning, the best experience ever. You can also taste here Masala chai.


Palolem beach is a cool and calm place in Goa. There are so many things to explore there like night circus, yoga place, restaurants, local food shop, etc so many things. Once in a life, you should visit this place so that you can also be a witness to natural beauty.   

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