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Mauritius, best honeymoon place:

One of the famous honeymoon destinations in the whole world is Mauritius. It is best for its beaches, lagoon, and reefs. A mesmerize beautiful place in the world is Mauritius. Grand Baie has the sparkling water that can mesmerize your eye. You can also visit the temple of Lord Shiva which is situated at the 1800 feet above from the base level.

Tamarind Falls (Mauritius):

A beautiful place is Mauritius is Tamarind falls. It has seven Cascades which is the best tourist destination in the world. This fall has an approximate height of 290 meters and one of the highest falls it is. It is called as heaven on the earth.

Mahebourg (Mauritius):

Another most beautiful city is Mahebourg. It is a charming place in Mauritius. The National Museum of this place gives the full idea of the ancient lifestyle of that Island. It is a busy and crowded place in Mauritius. One of the famous things is the Royal Biscuit Factory (from the 1870s).

Albion Light House (Mauritius):

Mauritius is definitely famous for its Albion Light House, is situated at the site of western coastal sites. The view and the photography of this point is best during the sunset. You can spend some quality time there.

Gabriel Island:

Gabriel Island is situated at the 20 KM away from the North Cost. One of the most exotic beaches in Mauritius is Ilot Gabriel Beach. The Sunrise and Sunset view of this point is so mesmerizing. This place has the most beautiful and scenic beauty to mesmerize.

Chamarel Coloured Earth:

A special tourist attraction point in Mauritius is Chamarel Coloured Earth. This place is comprised of seven different colors of layers. Some of those seven layers are mainly black, cyan, purple and reddish.  

Grand Baie:

Port Louis is one of the famous attraction points in Mauritius. If you visit Port Louis you must visit the beautiful Grand Baie. Amazing Blue and sparkling water of this Grand Baie just can wash your eyes. It is a mind-blowing destination for shopaholics, some of those are nearly 50 years old also.

Black River:

An ultimate place for beauty is the Black River. The beautiful National Park just can mesmerize your eye. Those peoples who love to trekking this place is ideal for that. This place is comprised of so many waterfalls and hiking places also.

National Botanical Garden:

National Botanical Garden is just filled with beautiful greenery. There is a total of 650 varieties of plants in this Botanical Garden. It is considered as a private garden. The best time to visit this place is from October to April.


Mauritius is the best place for a honeymoon. It is also listed in the cheapest honeymoon list name. If you want to visit you can pay a visit during the winter season mainly from October to April.

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