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The Republic of Maldives is a small island in South Asia. It is situated at the bank of the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean. 620 miles (1000 kilometers) away from the Asia Continent, Maldives lies between the southwest part of India and Sri Lanka. The ministry of Maldives has been declared it as the safest tourist spot. It is located in the south part of Lakshadweep of India. India is the first country to declared Maldives independent. There are so many places to visit in the Maldives, these are as follows:

Male (Maldives):

The smallest national capital of the world is Male. Colorful buildings with ancient mosque this place makes itself beautiful. Male is a casual town but best for wonderful itineraries. Trees with water shade Male has become the most visited city in the Maldives.

Diving in Maldives:

The Maldives is the popular diving spot for tourist lovers. Popular diving spots are fish head, banana reef, hp reef, etc. If you visit this place you will enjoy diving here.

Banana reef:

The oldest reef in the Maldives is the Banana Reef. It is a popular place for sharks, groupers, barracudas, etc. It is also a popular diving site in the world.

Island hopping:

Several islands are present in the Maldives. You can visit one island to another island including Mirihi, Alimantha, Kudahovadoo, Hulhule, and Gan, etc.

Artificial Beach (Maldives):

The most beautiful beach is Male and human-made beautiful beach is Artificial Beach. The climate of this beach is so beautiful and breathtaking. The water is not so deep so it is famous for swimming.

Water Sports:

Water sport is the best feeling in there. This place will never disappoint you. The natural environment is so clear and the blue lagoons are most beautiful. It will give you a thrilling experience.

HP Reef:

Amazing diving sites in this place is HP Reef. Another name of this Reef is Rainbow Reef and Girifushi Thila. It is situated in the northern part of Male Atoll. This reef has crevices, splendid caves, huge blocks, etc.

Vaadhoo Island:

Famous atolls in this place is Raa Atoll. This spectacular island makes this place so beautiful with 500 inhabitants and also known as Sea of Stars. This place can draw the attention of people.  


This place is the most beautiful place to visit. The honeymoon couple likes to visit this place. They can spend quality time here. If you are a newly married couple must pay a visit to this place make your journey so beautiful.

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