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Mahabalipuram, South India Tour

Mahabalipuram is one of the famous tourist spots in Tamil Nadu, South India. UNESCO World Heritage Site also listed this name on the site. From the 7th -8th century this Mahabalipuram also known as the Mamallapuram.  During the 7th century of Pallava Kingdom  Mahabalipuram was one of the major attractive places in the country. The name Mahabalipuram was so named according to name Mahamalla. Mahamalla was a great king of Pallava Kingdom Narasimhavarman I. There are many more places to visit in Mahabalipuram, these are as follows:

Mahabalipuram Beach:

One of the most attractive places in Mahabalipuram is Mahabalipuram Beach. This beach has the best view on sunny days in the evening time. A beautiful beach with white and clean sand can attract people to enjoy the beautiful view.

Arjuna’s Penance:

A rock-cut the largest penance in the whole world. The largest penance of Arjuna is situated at the Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. Another name of this place is ‘Descent of Ganges’. It depicts the best part of Hindu Mythology.

Five Rathas:

Five Rathas are the most wonderful places in Mahabalipuram. This place is also called as Panch Rathas. It is the best example of a rock-cut structure. Its architectural style depicts the Dravidian style.

Tiger Caves:

Tiger caves are adjacent to the Salurankuppam village. This cave is 5 km north to Mahabalipuram. This shrine dedicates Devi Durga the wonderful goddess.

Alamparai Fort:

A great place to visit in this place is the Alamparai fort. It is situated at Kadappakkam village. Though it is not well enough now but still a good place to visit. It is one of the favorite historical places in Tamil Nadu.


An extremely beautiful place in Mahabalipuram Tamil Nadu is Sadras. The landscape view of this place is just awesome.

Varaha cave temple:


Varaha cave temple is a rock-cut temple in South India, Tamil Nadu. This temple has been built during the Kingdom of Narasimhavarman I Mahamalla. It depicts the best example of the Pallava dynasty. The famous deity of Hindu people lord Vishnu has been worshiped here.

Krishna Cave Temple:

Krishna Cave Temple is the best place in Tamil Nadu. You can feel the open air in this place. It is adjacent to the mount Govardhan. It is situated there during the 6th century Vijaynagar.


Mahabalipuram is the best place in India to visit. We often see this place in some Bollywood films. If you never visit you just pay a visit to this place and enjoy your time.

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