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Kumarakom>> best place to visit in South India

Kumarakom is the most wonderful village in Kerala. In our Southern Part of India the most popular visiting place in Kumarakom. It is fully surrounded by Canals, where people travel through the houseboats. Kumarakom has also known as a popular bird sanctuary. It is a little village 13 km away from Kottayam. The Karakoram is a tourist paradise site having so many visiting places. These are one of the best places in Kerala. It is a crown to the Kerala tourism. Every year a lot of tourists come here to see the dancing palm trees and enjoy the houseboat experiences.

The lifestyle of people of Kumarakom Backwater:

The people of Kumarakom backwater are having a simple lifestyle. They are peace-loving people. The environment of this place is so clean and hygienic. Local people love fishing there and the main earning source of the poor family of that area is also fishing. Their regular food style is rice, curd, tapioca and also fish.  

There are so many places to visit in Kumarakom, these are as follows:

Honeymoon destination:

The best honeymoon destination in Kerala state is the Karakoram Village. The whole village is surrounded by lush greenery scenario with canals. Couples can spend their quality time here.

Kumarakom backwater:

Backwater is a mysterious place in Kumarakom. If you are in Kerala you will never miss the backwater journey. It is a place of luxury and just heaven. It is the best place for enjoying the vacation. You have to enjoy your life.

Kumarakom Bird sanctuary:

Kumarakom bird sanctuary is spread across the fourteen acres. Surrounded by lush greenery Kumarakom bird sanctuary has more than a thousand varieties of migratory species of bird. Local people say that birds are coming here from Himalaya and Siberia also. Apart from these, there are so many bird species they are egret, darters, herons, waterfowls, cuckoos, etc.

Kumarakom Boat race:

Boat races in this backwater are the most attractive things to see. More than hundred of boats take participation in that boat race competition. They sing chorus songs and slice their way in the backwater which gives a mesmerizing view to the people.

This backwater offers the best view of Kettuvallam. A beautiful scenic view is there to mesmerize you and yourself. It is the best place where men and women both trying to catch fish, cattle grazing, ducks in the water and also in the paddy land makes you eye cherish.  


Kumarakom is a delightful place in Kerala. It is the best place to enjoy your holiday trip with family or friends. You can also travel to Alleppey a beautiful place. You just pay a visit to this place and enjoy the scenic beauty.     

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