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Kerala Backwater

Kerala backwater is one of the most favorite places in the world. This backwater region is comprised of various lakes, lagoons, and canals. Everybody must visit this place once in a lifetime. Alappuzha place is famous for its natural beauty and another name of this place is ‘Venice Of the East’. The whole area of this backwater is approx 900 kilometers. It is also compared with the American Bayous.

Why it is Backwater?

It is a so-called Backwater because the water coverage area is extremely wide. It is truly a fresh river and the water also used for the cultivation purpose like paddy. This backwater is also considered as a merger of Kochi.

Visiting Time: June- August, March-August, November- February.

Heart of the Kerala Backwater is Vembanad lake. In this backwater, you can enjoy the houseboat traveling and spend 2,3 days in a boat with a cool and charming water environment.

Railway station: Aleppo.

Airport: Cochin international airport.

Kerala backwater gives the look of patty in a burger with the view of duck fleet quacking when the boat was floating into the water. Tourists visit this place to be a witness of this beautiful scenario of lush greenery, the merger of canals, rivers, and lakes, and also the lifestyle of rural area people of Kerala.

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Cochin Backwater:

One of the finest backwaters of Kerala is Cochin backwater. It is also popular as a “Queen of the Arabian Sea” throughout the world. Though it is a man-made island its fairy is just unbeatable. It is also known as a honeymoon swift for a couple. You can enjoy here Willingdon Island, church, memories of Vasco Da Gama, Arab, Chinese, British, Portuguese influences all the there to make your trip successful.

Cherai Island:

Another backwater of Kerala is Cherai Island. This place gives the perfect view of backwater with the sea view. It is a perfect place for stress relief and people also give there marriage party and all the celebrations. When you visit this you will see the Chinese fishing net, mangroves, etc. This place also offers a houseboat tour but you can also stay in a hotel also near this.

Kozhikode Backwater:  

If you want to know the virgin and unspoiled backwater then you must visit Kozhikode Backwater. It the best place to explore the beauty of nature. It gives a perfect houseboat cruising with the lush greenery scenario, palm forest, mangroves, etc. Just because of this beautiful nature is also is known as a “bliss of god” also popular name is “A place of god”. In this place, you can visit the museum “ Pazhassirajah” where the expensive and most precious collection of gold and silver coins are present which were used in the period of Vasco Da Gama.

Time to Visit: October – March

Railway Station: Kozhikode.

Airport: Calicut International.

Valiyaparamba Backwater:

This backwater is also known as the third largest backwater in Kerala. It is also a famous hitting point of Kerala. In this backwater fish and crabs are available. It can give the best experience when you visit.

Time to Visit: September – February

Railway Station: Kasaragod Station.

Airport: Mangalore.


Conclusion: Kerala backwater is the best point to explore the beauty of Kerala. It is consists of various backwater along with it and has a wide range of 900 Kilometres. Just an amazing place for making a trip or spend the quality holiday with your partner.

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