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Kashmir>> Heaven on Earth

Kashmir is the most beautiful place in India. Every people keep a wish in their mind to take a tour in Kashmir. Kashmir is known as the ‘Heaven on earth’. The beauty of Kashmir is just inexpressible to all people. People also come from outside India to visit this place. There are so many places to visit in Kashmir. The beauty of Kashmir is world-famous. These are as follows:

Dal Lake:

Such a beautiful place is Dal Lake. Dal Lake world-famous visiting point. Lake view of this place is just awesome. Clean blue water can mesmerize your eyes with its beautiful view.


One of the most beautiful places in Kashmir is Srinagar. It is the best place for honeymoon couples also. You can do here boating, trekking, etc. Various types of birds fly there to chill you and your mind. The perfect time to visit Srinagar is January or December.


Another most beautiful place in Kashmir is Sonmarg. Sonmarg is known as the ‘Meadow of God’. An endless view of various types of stunning flowers gives a mesmerizing view to the tourist lovers. The perfect time to visit in that place in the summer season.


Gulmarg is one of the best beautiful places in India. Its vibrant flower stunning view just eye-catching and it is the most visited place in the list. Gulmarg is known as ‘Meadow of Flowers’. Gulmarg is an adventurer’s place for all the lovers.


Kupwara is a well-known place for all. We often notice that name in the daily newspaper. It is a small district of Jammu and Kashmir. Some of this place remains closed due to terrorist problem. But it has the finest view for every nature lovers.


Leh is the extended part of Kashmir. One of the safest places is to visit in Leh. It is an adjacent part to the Ladakh. Alpine lake, lofty mountains, gives a mesmerizing view to the bike riders and trekking points.  


Kargil is the best wonderful visiting point in Ladakh. This place is the dream for every citizen to visit this.  It offers plethora option which lies in the nature’s lap.


Pahalgam is one of the mesmerizing beautiful points in India.  If you are in Kashmir you will never miss the chance of visiting this point. Pahalgam has really the bliss of nature. Beautiful natural view, river rafting, at the back mountains just an eye-catching to all the visitors there.

Shalimar garden:

Shalimar garden is a beautiful attractive city India. Various types of lily are an attractive place to visit. In this garden, there is a canal which adds extra beauty.  


Kashmir is a pride to the Indian. It is called a ‘Heaven on Earth’. Everybody should visit this place once in life. It gives all happiness, satisfaction to the visitors.  

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