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Chikmagalur is the best place in Karnataka. Karnataka is popular for tea cultivation. Chikmagalur is situated in Karnataka with the highest altitude of 3400 meters. Chikmagalur is also a famous hill station in India for so many tall mountains. It is a famous popular destination in the Karnataka state. Basically the word ‘Chikmagalur’ means it is the youngest daughter of Rukmangada. It is the largest coffee cultivation area in the whole country. It is also best for trekking there are so many trekking points in this place and also have visiting points. These are:

Kudremukh National Park:

Hill station in India

Kudremukh National Park is firstly a UNESCO world heritage site. It is an extremely beautiful place in Karnataka city. It has an awesome and mesmerizing view for attracting more and more people. Moreover, it is the best hill station in India.

You may also like to visit our most popular hill station Patnitop in Kashmir.

Bhadra River Rafting:

Hill station in India

Bhadra river rafting is secondly the most popular tourist attraction point in Karnataka. For nature lovers and adventures lover people Chikmagalur is known as ‘Heaven’. It is also a popular hill station and a wide area bio reserve area adjacent to Western Ghats points.


Hill station in India

Mullayanagiri is thirdly the best peak point in Karnataka. This place is so beautiful with a lush greenery scenario some rocks with trekking path this place can attract the tourists also.

Baba Budangiri:

hill station in India

Baba Budangiri is fourthly the most popular tourist destination in Karnataka. It is situated in the north part of the Chikmagalur state. this is the purest place for Sufi saints. It is also popular for Muslim and Hindu pilgrims.

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary:

Bhadra wildlife sanctuary is fifthly the most enjoyable place in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. One small stream is passing through this area which gives an awesome view. The total area of this wildlife sanctuary is 490 square kilometers. If you visit there you will feel like the sky is touching and it is the crown of that place. This place is home to wild animals.

Jhari Waterfall:

One of the best places in Chikmagalur is finally the Jhari Waterfall. This waterfall gives the best view of Buttermilk fall. This place has the best scenic beauty to the tourist. It is far away from 12 km from Budangiri.


One of the most attractive places in the Chikmagalur, Karnataka is Kemmanagundi. It has a speechless view to the adventurous people. Kemmanagundi is known as the highest peak point in Karnataka. When you visit this place you will the beautiful creativity of God that is the mountain that has been designed in all shapes like a stream, waterfall, etc.

Manikyadhara Falls:

Manikyadhara is most gorgeous waterfall in Karnataka. It is situated at the bank of Bababudan road in Chikmagalur. It is falling from a height of 30 feet above.

Coffee Plantation:

If you are in Karnataka you will never miss visiting the place coffee plantation. Most essential place to visit in Chikmagalur and it has an aromatic smell of coffee. The wide area of greenery makes your eyes so beautiful and charming.


Chikmagalur is the best place and also a hill station in India to visit in Karnataka. You have never visited this place you must pay a visit to this place and makes your mind and eye so cherish. Best place to visit in South India

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