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Best Time to Visit Kashmir – Weather, Events, Tips

Kashmir Is a beautiful place and it is called ‘Heaven on Earth’. There are two times when you can visit Kashmir, One in during summer and another during Winter During this you can witness the beautiful snowfall of this place, Snow rain and it looks so beautiful.

During summer you can see its pleasant beauty and also though you can visit anytime but its better if you don’t during spring. Because the temperature gets minus during that period of time. Most of the tourist visit Kashmir so that they can see the beauty of it.

Here I will discuss The Best time to visit Kashmir, its weather and event, and tips.

The peak season is Summer, Mid Season is Winter and Low season is Monsoon and Autumn.

Kashmir During Summer:

Wheather: The temperature in summer is 31°C to 15°C. During summer means from March to May. Summer is kind of warm in Kashmir as you can see the sightseeing and get enhanced with the beauties of this place. Kashmir is a dream for many couples for their Honeymoon. Dal Lake is a very romantic place.


During Summer Many pilgrims visit Amarnath Yatra, Other places like Pahalgam, Sonamarg is the beautiful places during Summer and the sky and weather remains very clear, that is why most of the traveller recommend visiting Kashmir during Summer.


Even if it is Summer but at night it remains cold better if you carry winter clothes with you and use suncream, Lip Balm as the winter days makes your skin rough and dry.

Kashmir During Winter:


The Temperature gets minus during winter The highest Temperature does not go beyond 15°C. The Time is November to February. You can see snow in Srinagar, Gulmarg, and Sonmarg.


Kashmir becomes a dream place during Winter, though other activities do not stay open, But you can do snow trekking and enjoy the snow ride and many more. This is also a high time when many people visit Kashmir. And people especially like their snow rainfall which attracts travellers.


If you are in Jammu then it’s not that cold but other than the rest of the places it’s quite cold than Jammu. During this time if you visit you must wear jackets, socks and drink plenty of water.

Kashmir During Autumn:


The temperature remains highest at 20°C to 9°C, and night it can be at 0°. The month is October to November. The Autumn sun gives a little warm but during morning and night, there remains cold. The weather remains cold and not so cold during this time.


Kashmir’s beauty during Autumn is breathtaking which makes this place very popular. You will see the enchanting natural beauty, the leaves tree, and the vision is unforgettable. During Autumn Srinagar, Dachigam turned into a very attractive sight. Picking Apple and other Harvesting fests takes place during Autumn.


Since it is close to the winter season, so you will feel cold and take your winter clothes along and During this time you will get a hotel discount as many people do not visit. Those who live there it can be a normal cold season for them but not for the visitors so take all the necessary things with you.


Before Visit Kashmir make sure you read this content and get an idea of which season has what and when you should visit. Then by getting an idea you can enjoy this beautiful place as you want.

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