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Best Time to Visit Hawaii – Updated for 2020

Hawaii is one of the best destinations in the world one must visit once in a lifetime. The beautiful beaches and the islands of Hawaii are simply heaven for nature lovers. It is suitable to visit Hawaii at any time of the year. But you will experience the best weather if you visit in September, October, April and May. Apart from enjoying the nature, you can enjoy many other activities in Hawaii like surfing, swimming, fishing, watching volcanoes, watching whales, Hiking, Skiing and many more. In this article, we have mentioned the best time to visit Hawaii for each and every activities

High Season

The high season to visit Hawaii is from December to March. Means Christmas and New Year holidays are the best time to visit Hawaii. The price of hotels, flights and cars are the most expensive during those days. Hotels are in great demand during these days due to good number of visitor. Unavailability of rent cars may occur as they sell out in advance. So you must book early and plan very well before travelling in this high season

Summer Season

Summer is the best family travel season which starts from Mid-June to the end of August. The attractions and beaches are more crowded during this time. The prices of hotels, cars and flights tend to become less expensive during these days as compared to winter days

Low Season

April to Mid-June and September to Mid-December are the low time to visit in Hawaii. The attractions and beaches are less crowded during this time. The prices of hotels, cars and flights are less expensive during these days as compared to other days

Best Time for Surfing

The summer and the winter months are the best time for surfing for a beginner surfer because the waves are calm from May to September. The experienced surfers can travel during December and January months as the north shores of the islands are hit by the highest waves during those days

Best Time for Hiking

Ypu can do hiking in Hawaii all the year. But the best time to do hiking is during the summer days. But there is too much hot during summer days so you must carry sunscreen and a lot of water. It is better to go for hiking early in the morning because the temperature tend to stay low during that time

Best Time for Skiing

There is snow all the year in Mauna Kea. February and March are the best time to go for Skiing or Snow boarding in Mauna Kea

Best Time for Swimming

It is possible to go for swimming all the year round in Hawaii. But during the summer months, the waves are smaller, the water is warmer that lead to perfect environment for doing water-based activities.

Best Time for Whale Watching

From February to Early March, is the best time for watching whales. From February to early March, you can spot whales from the coast of the islands

Conclusion: These are the some of the best things to do in Hawaii along with their best time. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii you must plan early and wisely so that you can enjoy all the activities to the fullest

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