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Baga Beach at Goa:

In the northern part of Goa, there is one of the most popular beaches in the present name of Baga Beach. It is 30 km away from the north direction of Panjim. This Baga beach is also near to Calangute beach, it is also a beautiful place. If you search on internet popular tourist spots in Goa you will see Baga is in the top position of that list. Along with Baga Goa have other spectacular places like Britto’s, Mambos, and Trito’s.

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The name Baga has come from Baga Creek it is the smallest part of the Arabian Sea. This place has a famous designer shop at the roadside market. On this beachside, you will see various shops in which you will get different types of food as breakfast, snakes, dinner, etc. In the evening time, you will mesmerize yourself by observing various activities like an animal party, sunset view, etc can relax your mind.

On this beach you can experience yoga, meditation class, morning sunrise view everything will make you joyful and you can spend your whole day with energetic mode. Here you can explore tattoo parlors, sun decks, palmistry stocks, etc so many things which you can enjoy. Those people who love to do a party can do here a lot of things.

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There are a lot of things to explore at Baga beach, these are as follows:

Water sports at Baga Beach:

Water sport activities are the most attractive things to do. People can do scuba diving, open water diving, etc. there are so many things about underwater activities like marine conversation. People can also go for moto boat riding, cuisine in the river, dolphin riding, skiing at the jet, riding on banana, etc. You can also enjoy coconut water and fresh lime juice also.

Ayurvedic Spa at Baga Beach:

We have mentioned earlier in the passage that in Baga Beach you can explore parlor treatment also. There is a spa center which provides you spa session for 1 to 2 hour.  You can also do here Ayurvedic message also which can relax your body. You can also go for body massage here like headaches, migraines, spinal therapy, etc.

Road Trips at Baga Beach:

If you are staying here for 3 to 4 days you will never miss going for a trip to Dudhsagar Falls which is situated between Goa and Kerala and also rice barrage. You can also explore the beautiful mangroves while riding at the houseboat in the Cambarjua river.    

Monsoon Fun Park:

Monsoon Fun Park is best for kids. Your kids will enjoy the whole day in this park. It is the first water sports park in our country.


We all love to travel on our vacation. Because travel works a medicine in our daily busy life. We become so restless in our daily life because of our workload, family pressure, etc. Travel helps to kill those tensions from our life. In this article, we have discussed Baga Beach in Goa, such a wonderful place to visit. So, never miss visiting this place when you are in Goa.

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