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Arambol Beach:

Arambol beach is another popular beach in Goa. It is situated in North Goa it is also called an unexplored beach in Goa. It is also treated as the most spectacular place to visit. This place is most attractive and it attracts people from the outside country also. This place is surrounded by Keri, Querim, and also Morjim beach. One portion of this beach is surrounded by mangroves and another portion is surrounded by sea. It is also perfect for yoga and meditation. This beach is full of rock and sand. This beach looks like a curve and also safe for swimming.

You can walk across the surroundings of the beach and you will reach another beach name Kalacha Beach. It is also another popular beach. This Kalacha Beach is also known as Sweetwater Lake. If you are adventurous people you will like to do paragliding. To do paragliding this is an ideal place for people. There are so many places to visit in Arambol, these are as follows:

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Mount Carmel Church:

Arambol Beach

Arambol is also famous for the Arambol church which is also known as Mount Carmel Church. This church was constructed in 1780. It is the first church in Goa.

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Surf Wala:

Arambol Beach

A surf club is a famous place located in Arambol beach. It is an institute of expert and it has all the necessary equipment for visitors. Visitors whatever want to do they can do it. Basically Surf Wala is an international team. The main motto of this team is to promote their team in Goa and facilitate all the members for their future endeavours.   

Arambol Mountain:

One of the most panoramic sites to visit in Arambol is Arambol mountain. Those people who love to do paragliding you can do it from this place It will be a memorable moment for lovers.

Rice bowl Restaurants:

When you are in Arambol you will never visit the Rice bowl Restaurant. Rice bowl restaurant is the most enjoyable eating place in Arambol. This restaurant is a charming place. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant that is also eco-friendly. Rice bowl also famous for buzzing, Asian cuisine, seafood, fast food, etc.  

Yoga Center:

Arambol beach is also the best place for yoga and meditation. The name of the yoga center is the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center. These yoga classes continue on a weekly basis for a better concentration of the students. There are so many courses that are on going like teacher’s training courses, yoga courses for females and kids, etc.

Paliem Lake:

Paliem Lake is also known as the sweet water lake in Goa. It is also a freshwater lake. This lake can clear the sulfurous mud.

Keri beach:

Another most peaceful and also beautiful beach is Keri beach. This place is covered by pine trees. This place is so cool and calm. The early morning view of this place is just awesome.


In this article, we have discussed so many beaches are present at Arambol beach. I hope this article will be helpful for you to visit this place.

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