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Araku Valley: Andhra Pradesh Tourism

Araku Valley is one of the famous hill stations in Andhra Pradesh. A blissful location for making a trip with your family and friend. In the southern part of India Araku valley is the best hill stations ever known. Thick forest surrounding the place give a best scenic view to the visitors. A beautiful place with pleasant water had been made this place so beautiful. In this hill station Araku Valley, there are many more places to visit. These are as follows:

1. Borra Caves (Araku Valley):

Borra caves are situated in the East Coastal zone of India. It is adjacent to the Ananthagiri hills in the district of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The Largest cave in our country is Borra Caves. However, local people of this place area worship Lord Shiva in this cave.

2. Galikonda View Point (Araku Valley):

Galikonda View Point is situated at 30 km away from the main town. You can visit this point by local transportation also. It is the highest peak point of Ananthagiri hills. This point is located at the 4320 meter from the sea level. This place has a most scenic beauty throughout the country. Photographers also called this place as a paradise also. Moreover, this is really an amazing place.

3. Padmapuran Gardens (Araku Valley):  

Padmapuran garden is situated near to the Tribal Museum, Ananthagiri. It is really a wonderful place to visit in Araku Valley. The main attraction point of this garden is the hanging cottage. Different species of plants and trees are there in this garden like orchards, roses, flowers, etc. Recently a toy train is also present in this garden to enjoy the beautiful scenic view. However, we should really enjoy this beautiful scenic beauty.

4. Katiki Waterfalls:

4 km away from Borra caves one beautiful waterfall is situated named Katiki Waterfalls. In this area, you see a local shop in this place. In this area, you will get local bamboo chicken, oil-free dishes.

5. Coffee Museum:

Araku Valley has one of the famous tea cultivation places is the Coffee Museum. Here the visitor will enjoy the 15 minutes light and sound show.

6. Chapari Water Cascade:

Chapari Water Cascade is situated the 15 km away from the main town Araku Valley. When you visit this place you will see the continuous flow of water across the rock, everyone can enjoy this beautiful sight view. But you must avoid the rainy season to visit this because heavy water flow may be risky for visitors. We are here to help you…


An ideal place for visiting in South India is Araku Valley. Though it is a small town, it is the best place for enjoying the tea estate and waterfall view. The best time to visit this place is from October to February. At this time the temperature will be pleasant and charming.

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