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9 Ways to Travel the World with Free of Cost

Traveling the world without money sounds like a Dream, but if you know the process and where to work, then it is very much possible. There are many opportunities available now by which you will get free travel along with free accommodation and many more, also along with your work you can travel without spending any cost. Here I will discuss 9 ways to travel the world for free of cost.

These are:

1. Work as an Cabin Crew:

Cabin Crew or Flight attendee can travel the world free of cost. Besides their salary, they also get a bonus for food and do not requires any travel expenses. They also get discounts and bonuses on their leisure travel.  You just have to be a Graduate to become a Cabin Crew.

2. Be a Travel Guide:

It is one of the popular ways to travel the world free of cost. You will meet different people and can travel adventurous places wherever the traveler wants to go. If you are having good communication skills, and an Extrovert person then this job is best for you, and you will be get paid and travel all around without any cost.

3. Work on a cruise ship:

If you get a job on a cruise ship you can travel all around. And if you are a regular employee then you will be paid full accommodations, free food, and travel. The cruise ship has many workers like Bar attender, Waiter, Baykeeper, and so on. It is a good opportunity to travel and earning at the same time.

4. Teach English:

If you start teaching English in Foreign County then you will be paid with a good amount of salary. You will get a free house and travel expenses. This is the most profitable work as well as a travel opportunity. You don’t need so many qualifications just a good teaching skill in English is more than enough.

5. Get an Agriculture Job:

If you get an agricultural job outside you will be more profitable. You can live your life, travel the world along with farming. If you do farming apple in a place then transfer these to another country and you will be paid a good amount and can travel wherever you want.

6. Become a House Swap:

If you do House Swapping then you will get good accommodation and money. In House Swap you will allow another party to say in your place so the expenses will be less. Swapping is good for giving rent for the traveler or giving rent for vacation and with this, you will get paid a good amount and you can travel free of cost.

7. Use ATM points:

Use your credit card points and get a discount and travel around with huge discounts while booking the tickets or staying in a hotel. Just sign up for their frequent flying website and hotels to get free accommodation and free food and travel with less money.

8. Work as an Au-Pair:

The Au-Pair lives with a local family, help them, and stays with them also most of the time they take care of the Children. Au-pair has to be treated like a family member and also get a chance to travel along with the family free of cost, also you can travel alone with the money you will get from the family.

9. Be a Volunteer:

Volunteer works are NGO programs most of the time. If you become a volunteer then you can travel the county to the country to take a part in different NGOs free of cost. To become a volunteer is easy you just have to have a wish to work. It is a very good opportunity to help others along with that you can travel without any cost.


These are the top works by which you can travel the world without spending any penny from your pocket. If you want to travel but don’t have enough money then go for any of these options and travel the World.

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