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7 Common Tourist Scams in India:

India has many tourist places and every one of us wants to visit this place. But like every country of the world India also has Some common scamming which the travel face and there are many people who suspect the tourist. So, therefore before visiting anywhere you must know about it. Here I will discuss 8 major and common scams in India.

These are

1. Tour Guide Scam:

Most of the traveler gets a victim of this scam Because some notorious people can target easily which people they can target. When we travel to another country we do not know the details of that particular state and we ask for a travel guide, and then they will take you to some shop where they get a commission. So, you should hire a good travel guide and you must have some knowledge.

2. Auto Meter Scam:

This is one of the biggest scams not just travelers but normal people too faced this. The Auto driver will set the meter from before, or he will say the meter is broken will ask for extra fare. So before traveling with auto make sure the auto has a meter that runs properly or just bargain before going.

3. Prepaid Taxi Scam:

It is an old scam which many of us has faced. The driver will pick you from the airport then he will ask you to stay in the hotel and from that they will get a god commission and the price of the hotel will be too much. So what you should do is that you must book a taxi from the government-approved taxi stands nearby the airport and book the hotel from your own in case if he does not know the place call the hotel owner.

4. SIM cards Scam:

In India you must fill a form to get your sim card and submit your documents to the person, if nothing is done then you should understand that your form is not in the correct hand and you may not get your SIM card. So to avoid this scam it’s better if you visit your nearest store to apply everything there.

5. Pickpockets:

Pickpocket is a very common scam while traveling a place, One person will distract you and another will take your money, you will not even feel. It happens every now and then, to avoid these best ways y is to stay alert keep your money secure, and be attentive when someone is near you. Keep all your belongings to yourself.

6. Fake Money Scam:

The Indian government has taken serious steps to avoid Fake money. However, many tourists face this problem, most of the people are honest but some scammers will give you notes of 500/2000 and you will not understand that. So its better if you acquaint your money from the bank and avoid all these scammers and give change instead of giving big notes.

7. Temple Donation Scam:

Temple Donation Scam is everywhere and common scamming. They will come to you and approach you to give money and sometimes they even force you, to avoid this situation better if you ask for police help and avoid them. Many Pandits in the temple do that to get a commission they take you directly in front of the temple and you need not stand in line. It is nothing but wasting your money and they get their profit.


These are the common scams in India which most of the travelers faced while traveling. If you don’t know about this, kindly go through this contact and get an idea of how scamming is done and to avoid this type of fraud you must have to stay alert from Scamming.

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